This Is The Most Painful Groin Kick You Will Ever See In Your Life

Photo: YouTube

Holy hell, I felt that one over here.

MMA has definitely brought us some gems recently, and that’s a good thing because we wouldn’t be talking about that sport if it wasn’t for that. That’s why we mentioned the reporter who agreed to get beaten up by MMA fighters, and that’s why we also talked about the MMA fighter who got slapped by his mom after losing a bout. But this time around it’s time to talk about what just might be the most painful groin kick ever.

The fight below took place at Road FC 39 in South Korea. Now I don’t know what the hell that is but it pitted fighters Myung Hyun-Man against Aorigele in the heavyweight main event. Well let’s just say that the match didn’t last at all because Myung kicked Aorigele in the groin so hard that Aorigele complete collapses. Yeah, months of training and that happens.

Take a look at the cringeworthy video below.

Man, hard not to feel bad for that guy. All in all the fight lasted only 20 seconds and ruled a no-contest after the kick heard round the world. Aorigele is seriously injured. Obviously Myung didn’t mean to kick him there, but still, that was just brutal to watch.

Here’s hoping Aorigele and his jewels recover.

h/t Bleacher Report

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