Detroit Police Mistake Music Video For Carjacking, Open Fire On Actors

You can’t even make a music video these days, am I right?

After getting reports of an armed carjacking taking place on Six Mile Road (not 8 Mile like that movie everyone’s seen), police arrived at the scene to discover a Jeep pulled up alongside an Ashton Martin in the middle of the road. And what else did they see? Oh, you know, just two dudes walking up to the fancy car with a weapon drawn. So it came to no one’s surprised when the cops fired three shots. Actually the “actors” were probably surprised.

Check out the bizarre scene below.

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Well damn, that was dumb. According to police the men involved in the “carjack” did not have a permit to film or proof of permission, so of course no one knew what was going on, and no one knew that all that was happening was that a shitty music video to accompany a shitty song no one will ever hear was being filmed.

No one was injured. The three dudes involved in the music video were arrested.  Well, that’s quite the way to kick off your music career.

h/t NY Daily News

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