Kickboxing Knockout Leads To Absolute Chaos As Fans Attack Fighter In Ring

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Well, that’s one way to get a very realistic fan experience.

Did you happen to catch the Glory 42 bout this past weekend? Of course you didn’t because not many folks saw it. And since not a lot of us saw it then we didn’t get to see what happened during the fight between kickboxers Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grigorian.

During the second round, before the bell had even run to signal the end of the round, Grigorian decides to turn around and head to his corner when out of nowhere Groenhart hits him from behind and knocks him out cold. Was it a “sucker punch?” Of course it was. But was it legal? Yes it was. Grigorian just didn’t feel like keeping his hands up to defend himself.

And Grigorian’s knockout led to this mess, as angry fans stormed the ring. Take a look at it below thanks to ESPN’s Instagram.

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As you can tell angry fans attacked Groenhart with one dude even landing a punch that may have broken the winning fighter’s jaw.

Here’s another angle:

Here’s what Groenhart had to say:

“Some guy caught me with a hook to my face. I got my guard up. With those hands without gloves, it came through to my chin and my teeth. I think it’s broken [jaw], I don’t know. It hurts.”

Even with that Groenhart says he will not be pressing charges on the fan. In other news, where in the hell was security?

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