Metro Exodus Trailer and Gameplay Footage Unveiled at E3 2017

Metro Exodus was officially unveiled at E3 2017, with it kicking off Microsoft’s presentation at the expo following its unveiling of the Xbox One X. The game is set to be released on the Xbox One and Xbox One X, with more platforms yet to be announced.

Metro Exodus gameplay

The debut trailer for the game, which will be the third in the Metro series following 2033 and Last Light, saw the protagonist first walking through a dark, underground cave system, before climbing into the light in a Fallout 3-esque opening. Though the world of Metro Exodus appears much brighter, its perils look deadlier than ever before, with the protagonist being forced to fight off a mutated bear among other monstrosities.


No other information pertaining to the game was given, though considering how beautiful the last two Metro games looked when running on capable PCs, we imagine Microsoft will be using Metro Exodus to showcase its Xbox One X in the future.


Metro Exodus trailer

Watch the Metro Exodus trailer below: