Horrible Firearms Instructor Gets Credentials Stripped Because Of Video Proving His Ineptitude

Photo: YouTube / Practically Tactical

Guns. America is in love with them. We, as people of the red, white and blue, are entitled by the Second Amendment of the Constitution to wield our love for guns to the point the rest of the world finds us crazy. More often than not, you’ll find people responding to that criticism with something sounding like “Bullets and bald eagles, bro!” followed by a beer chug. ‘Merica.

Since gun culture is so prevalent in the States, there’s no doubt there’s a market to get properly instructed on the use of firearms. Some instructors know what they’re doing and will show you the appropriate ways to handling these weapons. Others, however, are fucking terrible and liable to get someone killed.

… kind of like this guy.

Horrible Firearms Instructor Gets Credentials Stripped

Meet Lucien Black, Thervil Black and Michael Douglas Thervil. These are the numerous aliases of one person with the credentials to instruct people to handle guns. As it turns out, Mr. AKA is not very good at instruction and, well, just watch the video to see why.

Because this video got out, Thervil was stripped of his NRA instructor credentials, as well as his North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor credentials by the state’s Department of Justice. It’s almost like taking a driver’s license away from someone who tells you that driving on the wrong side of the road is how it’s done.

Believe it or not, Thervil tried to defend himself on social media. Unfortunately for him, former co-workers started posting about how terrible he was at his prison-guard job. We can only guess that the comments the co-workers were leaving made him delete his posts — or maybe he realized he’s a moron.

So if you’re into guns and want to learn how to properly handle them, be careful selecting an instructor. You definitely don’t want this guy to teach you. You’re probably better off teaching yourself by shooting a refrigerator full of explosives.

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