Just A Bear Taking A Ride In A Motorcycle Sidecar

Photo: YouTube

Any video coming out of Russia these days no longer qualifies as shocking.

I mean, if it’s not Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob Squarepants teaming up to beat the piss out of a driver during an outrageous bout of road rage, it’s fathers putting “bomb-proof helmets” on their sons and firing a round into it all in an effort to prove that the damn thing is legit. If it’s not a couple of shirtless kids de-feathering chickens and then sitting down to surf the web on the computers behind them, it’s people getting hammered and intentionally breaking each other’s legs just for shits and giggles.

And if it’s not a giant brown bear riding down a busy city street in a motorcycle sidecar, it’s a…wait, what?

That outrageous clip comes to us courtesy of Nicholas Pasynkov, who said he was “driving Saturday in Syktyvkar when he spotted the large bruin calmly riding in a motorcycle sidecar that had been designed to resemble the face of a wolf.”

Oh, and this is the bear actually getting into the sidecar.

Pasynkov said that the sight of a bear cruising down the road in a motorcycle sidecar was “odd.” We’ll just call it Russia.

h/t UPI

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