Girl In Bikini Nearly Gets Decapitated By Parachute Skier

Photo: YouTube

Once the calendar turns to June, there would normally be no way in hell you’d catch me doing a story that involves anything having to do with winter or snow.

Well, it’s funny how a beautiful girl in a bikini can change your perspective on things.

According to Patrick McCarthy at, he and his pals have been hitting up the side-country at the Mount Baker Ski Area in Washington for the last 20 years in an effort to close out the skiing and snowboarding season in grand fashion. He calls the big finale session with the homies “Sesh Up,” and it has apparently grown over the years into must-attend event for snow sport enthusiasts and now features some pretty gnarly shit to cap off the season.

Exactly what kind of gnarly shit are we talking about? Well for starters, here we have parachute skiers taking some pretty serious runs down the mountain while a girl in a bikini and dudes crushing brewskis take in all of the action around them.

Let’s see how that turned out:

Girl In Bikini Nearly Gets Decapitated By Parachute Skier

Yes, bros. I do believe that nothing sums that up quite like “holy shit.”

But hey, at least we also get this view:

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Photo: via

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