Gas Station Customer Finds Huge Snake Hiding Behind Pump

Photo: Facebook

Well, we don’t need to get gas that badly.

When snakes aren’t hanging out underneath a car’s hood, it looks like they are hanging out behind gas pumps. Well, at least this snake at a Georgia gas station was doing that.

Loren-Stacie Fleener explains on Facebook that she had pulled over to get some gas with her son when they noticed that a huge snake was in the nozzle holder. Luckily for them another customer named Brandon Radke came to their aid. And luckily for us Loren caught it all on video.

Check it out below thanks to her Facebook.

Gas Station Customer Finds Huge Snake Hiding Behind Pump

Before this video I honestly never thought of the possibility that a snake might be hiding behind a gas pump, but now it’s on my mind. Snakes are everywhere it seems.

Radke was able to get the 3-4 foot snake out of the holder safely and release it into the woods again.

“Once you grab behind the head it can’t really reach around and get you,” Radke told WSB-TV. Yeah, we’ll be sure to do that, buddy. Thanks for the advice.

h/t UPI

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