Woman Tired Of Waiting For Her McChicken Attacks McDonald’s Employee

Photo: Facebook/Amanda Gravely

Talk about being hungry.

Just like Walmart, everyone knows that McDonald’s is a cesspool and it’s no surprise when crazy incidents occur there, Well, another crazy incident occurred, but this time it was at a McDonald’s in Des Moines, Iowa. It all kicked off when a blonde chick and two dudes walked into the McDonald’s and ordered a McChicken. And apparently the order was taking too long because the blonde lady loses her mind.

Amanda Gravely, a 34-year-old mother who was waiting at the drive-thru window for her ice cream for her kids, was able to film the woman throw the McChicken sandwich in the manager’s face after she finally gets it, and then proceeds to jump over the counter to attack the woman. And chaos erupts.

Check out the video below thanks to Gravely’s Facebook.

And here’s the news report on it.

The dumb trio bailed before police arrived, but something tells me they will be catching up to these idiots soon enough. Oh, and McDonald’s employees believe that the trio was intoxicated at the time of the fight. Yeah, well that’s pretty damn obvious, folks.

h/t COED

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