’12 Feet Deep’ Trailer Takes American Cinema To New Low

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Every so often a movie premise comes along that is so comically bad, you think that there is no chance in hell it was actually given a green light by anyone in charge of studio budget. However, then the trailer comes out and you realize any humor you took from the situation is replaced with sheer bewilderment. We’re almost positive 12 Feet Deep will have such an effect.

12 Feet Deep Trailer Takes American Cinema To New Low

Do not attempt to adjust your laptop settings. What you just saw was entirely real (and available on Digital HD and On Demand June 2oth). But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. After all, they say never to judge a book by its cover, so why judge a film by its trailer (unless it stars Rob Gronkowski)? Here’s the full plot synopsis courtesy of the films production company MarVista Entertainment:

Inspired by true events, sister Bree (Nora-Jane Noone) and Jonna (Alexandra Park) get trapped beneath the fiberglass cover of an Olympic sized public pool after it closes for a holiday weekend. They soon find themselves at the mercy of the night janitor Clara (Diane Farr), who sees the trapped sisters as an opportunity to solve a few problems of her own.

Uh-oh, they threw a sinister janitor in the mix. Now the situation has really hit “the deep end” (Sidenote: this movie originally had that very same title until switching to the much more convoluted and absurd 12 Feet Deep: Trapped Sisters. No, seriously, that’s the full name).

We’re still not entirely sure which part of this movie was “inspired by true events,” but we’d take a wild guess that Jigsaw from the Saw films doesn’t announce pool closing times over a loudspeaker for a living, so we doubt it’s that.

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