Watch This Hero Jump Into A Moving Car To Save A Driver Who Was Having A Seizure

Photo: YouTube

In a world where terror attacks overseas and shootings at home seemingly grab the front page seven days a week, it’s nice to see a refreshing change of pace courtesy of an ordinary citizen transforming into an absolute hero in just a matter of seconds and all just to help a complete stranger in desperate need of medical attention.

According to NBC Chicago, that complete stranger was behind the wheel of a car in Dixon, Illinois Friday afternoon that was running red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road. But the reason for it had nothing to do with being intoxicated or inconsiderate.

Instead, the driver was having a seizure, and luckily for both the driver and dozens of others within close proximity, Randy Tompkins quickly analyzed the situation, jumped out of his truck and dove through the passenger side window to try to bring the scary situation to an end.

Well, not only did Tompkins bring the car to a halt, but he also “put two fingers into the convulsing driver’s mouth to prevent him from swallowing his tongue.”

Dixon police thanked Tompkins for his “heroism” and for “coming to a complete stranger’s aid,” and we’d like to go ahead and offer our kudos for his bravery and selfless actions as well. Hell, if my sister was still single, I’d even go as far as giving him her phone number, but since that isn’t the case, the “job well done” will have to do.

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