‘Preacher’ Season 2 Trailer Sends Jesse on the Run

Last season on Preacher, Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) was inadvertently given the word of God after merging with the offspring of a demon and an angel. Now, Jesse can order almost anything and anyone in creation to follow his commands, and he’s literally looking for God because the almighty has abandoned his post in Heaven. The first season was largely a prologue for an extended road trip with Jesse, his ex-girlfriend Tulip Tulip (Ruth Negga) and a drunken vampire named Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). But they didn’t exactly leave West Texas on good terms.

The newest trailer for Preacher season 2 finds the unlikely trio of friends on the run as fugitives, in case you’ve forgotten about Jesse’s armed standoff at the church and the fact that he shot someone’s dick off in the process. As you can see in the footage, that’s not a huge problem once Jesse can get close enough to order the cops around. However, he’s got much bigger problems now.

After being released from Hell, the Cowboy (Graham McTavish) is becoming the Saint of Killers this season as he steps up his attempt to kill Jesse. Cassidy describes the Saint as “the Terminator,” and he’s not wrong. The Saint can’t be killed or even commanded by Jesse, and he’s a far more relentless foe than they’ve previously encountered. The new trailer also features a glimpse of Herr Starr, one of the primary antagonists from the Preacher comic book series by Garth Ennis and the late Steve Dillon.

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Joining the cast this season are Noah Taylor, Pip Torrens, Julie Ann Emery, Malcolm Barrett, Ronald Guttman, and Justin Prentice in currently undisclosed roles.

Preacher season 2 is heading to AMC on Sunday, June 25.

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Photo Credit: AMC/Sony Pictures TV