Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Return This Fall in New Ongoing Series

Next year, Marvel’s Runaways are coming to Hulu for a new live-action series. So it should be no surprise that the team is getting another chance at comic book stardom this fall with a new creative team.

Marvel has officially announced a new Runaways ongoing series by Eleanor & Park author, Rainbow Rowell, with artist Kris Anka on board for the interior pages and covers. It’s been quite a few years since the Runaways had their own comic, but the original premise was that this group of kids discovered that their parents were secretly the supervillains known as the Pride. Together, they banded together as an unofficial team to bring down their parents and they carved out their own place in the Marvel Universe.

“The Runaways are down on their luck at the beginning of this story,” explained Rowell in a statement. “I mean, a fair number of them are missing or dead… And the ones who are still standing feel lost. After their parents died in the original series, all they had was each other. What do they have now? Who are they on their own? This story brings the gang back together, but – in true Runaways fashion – probably not the way you’d expect.”

Runaways promo cover

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I’ve got to say that I am really not loving the new hipster looks for Chase and Niko, but it appears that this series will actually depict the team as young adults, rather than teenagers. Only Molly appears to still be a child, and the prominent image of their dead teammate, Gert, suggests that she may play a role in the story as well

Runaways # 1 will be released in September.

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Photo Credit: Marvel Comics