Watch This Bus Driver Lose His Mind After Passenger Asks One Too Many Questions

Photo: LiveLeak

Forget turning the bus around to end this guy’s precious little field trip. This bus driver had something else in mind.

Being a bus driver can be a rather thankless job, especially when you’re asked to take the wheel for the late shift when the some passengers’ drugs kick in while several other drunk souls are pissing themselves in the back.

With that being said, it’s pretty safe to say that this driver could have reacted differently after he was asked what he deemed to be too many questions from the one and only passenger on his bus. Now it’s unknown what number question this dude was on, but based on the driver’s reaction, whose name is Troy Fischer, you would have to think that it was somewhere around 1,038.

Yeah, that guy probably needed to lawyer up after that tirade. I mean, the dude didn’t even ask a question about his mother or lack of sex at home.

Now this happened a while ago, but the video is making the rounds again. Oh, what happened to the bus driver? Well he was fired and cited on suspicion of misdemeanor assault. Fischer was only caught after he asked his supervisor whether he should erase the surveillance footage. And that obviously made the supervisor suspicious.


In a related story, imagine being this guy’s kid, seeing this video and then having a question or two about your geometry homework. Odds are you would wait to ask the teacher before school the next morning before asking your pops. Jesus.

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