Nintendo Switch Survives Ridiculous Drop Test From 1,000 Feet

The Nintendo Switch has proven its durability after surviving a ridiculous drop test from 1,000 feet, with its display managing to withstand the impact and remain fully functional.

The drop test, conducted by the YouTube channel, saw the Switch being hooked up to a drone with a cord and a LOT of tape. The drone then took float, hovering a reported 1,000 feet in the air before its pilot flicked a, er, switch in order to make the Switch fall to the ground. The Switch’s blue left Joy-Con takes the brunt of the impact, with it being violently ejected from out of its holster on the side of the Switch’s display, though both the right Joy-Con and the Switch’s screen was almost completely unscathed aside from a few superfluous scratches.

That the left Joy-Con suffered the most damage in this elaborate drop test should be of no surprise to those familiar with the ill-fated controller’s struggles. Following the Switch’s launch many complained of the device suffering from connectivity issues, which were later confirmed by Nintendo. The manufacturer eventually began issuing replacements for the devices, though some Switch owners instead decided to create their own (inadvisable) DIY fixes.

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The Switch was clearly built with durability in mind, with Nintendo opting for a plastic screen for the console. While many bemoaned this decision, the console undoubtedly has a premium feel despite its lack of a glass display, and if nothing else it at least allows it to survive a 1,000 feet fall. Not that you’d really plan to drop the Switch from such a great height, but if you were curious about doing so, at least you know that it’s doable.

You can check out the ludicrous Switch drop test in the video below: