5 Justin Bieber Songs Its OK To Like

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Surely the most hated musician alive, beating Kanye West by a small margin, despite the fact that Chris Brown battered a woman and Bono exists, Justin Bieber is everyone’s favorite verbal pinata. It’s socially acceptable or even desired to badmouth him on the internet, even though he didn’t earn it that much for a kid-celeb who has millions of fans that border on servants in their loyalty to him. 80% of people would act much worse than him in his shoes. Yet, the fact is that he has matured a lot, like a human and an artist, and now there are actual Justin Bieber songs that it’s OK for guys to like.

In a few years, Justin may be accepted as much as Drake is.

Good Justin Bieber Songs

Where Are Ü Now with Diplo and Skrillex

Quite possibly the song that turned the most people who were ignoring Bieber’s music as its originality couldn’t be denied or overlooked. An EDM track, sure, but not one that falls into the mold of the generic tracks from the genre as the established producers Diplo and Skrillex really experimented with the beat. The squealing, violin-like sound named “the dolphin” by its makers became an instant classic and combined with the tropical house drums it provided for one of the best examples of captivating drops in modern mainstream music. The highs of the instrumental contrast the mellow singing of Justin giving the song complexity and authority.


In 2015, with the release of Justin’s fourth studio album, it became more socially acceptable to listen to and like Justin Bieber, and as a result of that, we have the monster hit that is Sorry. Racking up 2.5 billion views on YouTube, and spending 3 weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, Sorry didn’t even have the traditional large percentage of dislikes on JB’s videos. Having an uplifting, dancehall-pop and tropical house vibe with heavy trumpets and a uniquely modified back vocal, Sorry is truly one of the best, most complex songs in mainstream music of that has come out in the last couple of years.

Let Me Love You – DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber

A song that is hurting because of the feminine reputation Justin has. If it was the exactly same track, but instead of Bieber, it featured an unknown male musician the song would be as generally revered as Duke Dumont’s Ocean Drive or How Deep Is Your Love. It’s officially a DJ Snake’s track, yet Justin takes it over by displaying his various vocal skills, perhaps more than in any other of his hit songs. The beat is still on point, and the tropical house vibe makes it perfect for pool parties despite it being a heavy love-craving emotional song.

Love Yourself

A quite different track than the majority of the Purpose album and the other Justin Bieber songs on this list, as it utilizes no cheap mainstream music tricks and no star producers. It’s just a singer, a voice, a message, and guitar strings. Relatable love topic, but one that is much more adult than the things we were used to from the ultimate pop star, mirrored by the interesting music video, Love Yourself showed that there is pure artistry to a man who became famous just because of his talent. Something that most people forget, or don’t know.


A very chilled song, thoroughly developed as it turns something that seems simple at first into a proper unique track, and effortlessly it seems. Subtle in its delivery both vocally and instrumentally, it also showcases the maturation JB has come through. A very soothing, yet powerful drop expands on the R&B track, making it almost equally an electropop tune. The lyrics, if you want to believe their sincerity, are also quite unique and different from what might be expected from the teenage Justin.

What are some other Justin Bieber songs that you don’t have to listen to in the incognito window of your browser?

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