‘Salad Fingers’ Creator David Firth Returns With a New Short Film

David Firth, the animator behind the hugely popular and influential Salad Fingers series, has returned with a new short film titled Cream.

Firth was one of the biggest names in the formative years of online animation, creating a number of Newgrounds’ most popular animations and the Devvo series, before later going on to produce animations for the BBC. Now he’s back with his first new animation in two years, with Cream once again seeing him return to his blend of pointed satire and unsettling imagery.

Cream sees the world being revolutionalised by a new product, cream, which can be smothered over anyone and anything in order to improve it. From clearing up blemishes through to reviving the dead, cream’s mighty power leads to it solving all the world’s problems and conflicts, with it becoming omnipresent in the process. However, what with this being a Firth animation, it isn’t long before the cream bubble bursts.

Cream is Firth’s first creation since the launch of his Patreon page, which was created in the wake of YouTube’s advertiser boycott. Asking his viewers to donate to the page in order to help him continue making his animations, Firth now receives over $10,000 (£7,800) per video, with him hoping to eventually reach the $20,000 (£15,600) mark in order for him to hire other animators to help him with his work.

Firth has also been working on his first animated feature film, The Meadow Man, since 2012. There’s no word yet on when fans can expect to see the release of this solo project, with him providing the last update on its progress in 2014. Hopefully the financial support of his Patreon backers will help him to continue working on it.

Check out Cream below: