Watch the First Trailer For ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’

Harley Quinn is one of the rare comic book characters who is so popular with fans that she can’t simply be a villain anymore. In that way, she’s essentially DC’s Deadpool, and she’s become a brand unto herself nearly twenty five years after her debut in Batman: The Animated Series. This summer, fans of the classic Harley are going to get their wish as the Joker’s ex-girlfriend teams up with Batman in a new animated movie by Bruce Timm.

In 1992, Timm and his collaborator Paul Dini ushered in a new age for the Dark Knight in Batman: The Animated Series, and the new Batman and Harley Quinn movie appears to be a return to that classic style and continuity. Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester are reprising their roles as Batman and Nightwing for the film, while Melissa Rauch is voicing Harley.

The first trailer for the movie finds Harley working at the DC Universe’s version of Hooters before she gets recruited by the two heroes to help them stop a devastating plot by the Floronic Man (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Poison Ivy (Paget Brewster), Harley’s best friend and rumored lover.

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If Warner Bros. follows its traditional summer plans, this movie will make its world premiere next month at San Diego Comic-Con International. For everyone else, the digital version of the film will be released on August 15. Anyone who wants the Blu-Ray/DVD release will have to wait until August 29.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment