The ‘Animaniacs’ May Be Getting a Comeback Series

Last year, the classic ’90s cartoon, Animaniacs found a home on Netflix as a new generation of fans discovered the series and helped reignite its popularity. Now, after twenty years, the Animaniacs may finally be getting a second shot on television.

According to a report in Indie Wire, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation are developing a potential reboot of Animaniacs, with Spielberg once again taking an active role on the updated version. The report notes that the reboot doesn’t currently have a home and it is also very early in the process, but it does seem like a natural choice for Netflix.

The series was a comedic sketch show that centered on the Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakoo,  as well as the Warner sister, Dot, as they brought their signature brand of zany comedy to the Warner Bros. backlot and beyond. The series also introduced several popular supporting characters including the Goodfeathers, and Slappy Squirrel in addition to Pinky and the Brain, who eventually landed their own series.

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One of the reasons that Animaniacs has had such a lasting impact is that it was one of the rare TV series that managed to blend actual educational segments with incredibly catchy and entertaining songs. For example, Wakko’s song about the fifty states and their capitols.

The show won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards as well as a Peabody Award for its writing and original songs. That’s a pretty high bar for any potential reboot to live up to. However, many of the original voices from Animaniacs have already banded together for the Animaniacs Live! tour. Hopefully that means they would be in favor of returning for the potential reboot as well.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Animation/Amblin Entertainment