California Man Gets Ticketed For Driving 88 MPH In His DeLorean

Photo: Universal Pictures

Thanks to the flood of millennials entering adulthood and now being able to afford luxurious items, many who grew up in the ’80s with a love for Back To The Future are now living their childhood dream by nabbing up every DeLorean in sight. That includes Spencer White, who unfortunately, found out the hard way that hitting 88 miles per hour in the ‘time machine’ car from the movie won’t take you ‘back to the future,’ but will get you a speeding ticket instead.

The Santa Clarita, California man said he was driving his DeLorean with his mother last Friday when she suggested they see what happens when they hit the famous 88 mph — the speed at which takes Marty McFly and co. through time travel in the famous Robert Zemeckis series. There were only two problems: his flux capacitor was fresh out of plutonium … and there was a California Highway Patrol officer just feet away.

Although the officer had a great sense of humor about the ‘coincidence,’ White got a speeding ticket that will cost him several hundred dollars. However, as he told KTLA in the story below, for DeLorean owners, getting a speeding ticket at 88 mph is the “dream ticket.”

“I was at 88 for about two seconds, and, immediately I saw a police officer behind me,” said White.

Rock n’ roll.

The shot of the radar gun is below. Doc and Marty would be proud.

88 mph

Photo: Spencer White

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Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Mandatory and the editor of Crave Sports.