Here’s Tiger Woods’ Mugshot After His Memorial Day Arrest

The next time Tiger Woods hits the links you can be sure someone will ask him if his driver on Hole 1 is his designated driver.

Memorial Day weekend is of course meant for remembering and honoring all the veterans who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom. It’s also meant for downing as many brats and beers as possible in their honor. Someone forgot to tell Woods it’s also imperative to have a designated driver after doing so.

According to WPTV, Woods was arrested Monday morning around 3 AM in Jupiter, Fla. on charges of driving under the influence. He was booked in Palm Beach County jail and spent eight hours in custody before being released.

Here’s his mug shot.

Woods hasn’t been the same since his 2009 accident that exposed his double life. You can see the entire timeline of the real-life soap opera here at S.I. 

Tiger has won 14 Majors but not a single tournament since 2013 and prematurely ended his season in February to opt for his fourth back surgery in three years.

We can understand the health issues. It sucks getting told. But Tiger, man, you’re rich. Get a designated driver.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.