Ten Wonder Woman Stories to Read Before (and After) the Movie

The Wonder Woman movie is about to hit big screens all over the world. For many people this will be their first meaningful introduction to Princess Diana of Themyscira. But while lots of people have a certain level of familiarity with her either from the Lynda Carter television show, Justice League or Justice League Unlimited, not everyone has gravitated towards her comic book origins, even though Wonder Woman has enjoyed 76 years of publication history at the company that would come to be known as DC Comics.

Wonder Woman began her life very early in World War II and many of her most important themes remain not only topical, but relevant to this very day. Diana Princes has evolved into a symbol for pacifism, feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights. Throughout the shifting of her identities there have been many, many sensational comic book stories published under the Wonder Woman banner that have become defining in her character’s history and hold up against the definition of contemporary storytelling.

If you are interested in diving deeper into Wonder Woman’s history before her eponymous movie opens, we have curated this list of what we think your best options are. These comics are still in print and/or available online for your easy access. You can check out everything from origin stories to character-building narratives in our Ten Wonder Woman Stories to Read Before (and After) the Movie!

Ten Wonder Woman Stories to Read Before (and After) the Movie:

Top Photo: DC Comics