New Music | Two Friends Come Home as Big-Name DJs

What’s in a DJ or band name? Chainsmokers? Hmmm. What exactly is a Diplo or a Skrillex? For Two Friends there’s not much left to the imagination.

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Matt Halper and Eli Sones are literally just Two Friends, who met in high school, found a mutual love for electronic music and, oh yeah, just happened to have received over 25 million plays on SoundCloud (their last release ‘Emily’ hit the New Music Friday US playlist on Spotify, and has already amassed over a million streams).

Now, Two Friends are returning home to Los Angeles after a globe-trotting tour. The DJ duo will play their first-ever headlining show in Los Angeles at the iconic Roxy Theatre on Saturday, May 27th. I chatted with Two Friends over email about their love for LA, their friendship and what it means to come home.

Crave: What’s the first place you visit when you come back to LA after being on tour? 

Two Friends: I know this is lame but probably home. Haha. Get a nice greeting by our dogs, plop on the touch, and just unwind. Touring has been so incredibly fun but it definitely can make you pretty exhausted. But, in terms of LA spots that we miss while we’re on the road, there’s too many to count: the beach, In N Out, hole-in-the-wall taco spots, our sake bombing place in Santa Monica, the list goes on and on.

You are literally “Two Friends”. Tell us what your last fight was about? 

We’ve been best friends since we were 12 years old. I wish we had a detailed catalogue of every fight we’ve been in cuz there would be some absolute gems in there. The last fight we had was the fourth installment of a series of fights we have about whether or not the movie Gone Girl is worth the hype. Matt is Team Yes, Eli is Team No. 

How did you resolve it? 

Unfortunately that’s one topic that I don’t think we’re ever gonna resolve.

As you mentioned, you guys go way back to high school. How did you guys meet? 

We went to Brentwood high school. We met in seventh grade, I think during PE or after-school sports practices.

Do you remember what were you listening to? 

At the time, we had zero clue that “dance music” even existed. Matt was listening to a lot of alternative rock and classic rock and Eli was more on the hip-hop side. It wasn’t until around 11th grade when we started exploring dance music more. 

You’re playing a homecoming show at the Roxy. What does it mean to play such an iconic venue? 

This show really means so much to us. The Roxy is one of the venues, at least to us, that is just legendary and an important part of LA’s music scene, sitting right there on the iconic Sunset Strip. We’ve both been to the Roxy a few times, and to be able to play here now for a sold-out show is truly humbling. We have so many surprises in store, like you said, it’s our debut show in LA, where we grew up and where we still live, and we wanna make it special for all the fans, friends, and family joining us for it.

I’m sure a lot has changed from your first LA gig back in the day? 

The first one we ever did was while we were still in college and I remember our grandparents coming out, sitting in the way back, and offering some of their snacks to random fans, it was the cutest thing.

Two Friends play at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on May 27th. For more sights and sounds from Two Friends go HERE and check out their full tour schedule below: