Irate Pedestrian Receives Instant Karma

Photo: YouTube

We have no idea where this video comes from, but by golly does it prove there is a God in an unjust world!

Watch this pedestrian point and gesture angrily at this driver for … well, stopping at the crosswalk? … before receiving a dose of instant karma, walking directly head-first into a pole. That’s right, folks, karma showed up in a flash to serve this guy a nice dose of it. And of course it was all caught on a dash cam for all of us to enjoy. Now we get to point and laugh at this dude all weekend long.

So take a look at the video below that was posted just yesterday and already has nearly a million views.

Irate Pedestrian Receives Instant Karma

Nice shorts, too, bruh.

Now if you’re like me, you saw this on a loop because it doesn’t get old, and because you enjoy watching people run into poles after they lose their mind and go nuts on a driver for no reason.

And here’s another dose of karma if you’re up for it: Drunk Idiot Slaps Police Horse, Quickly Gets A Visit From Karma

Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Mandatory and editor of Crave Sports.