MMA Fighter Is Defeated By Knockout, Gets Slapped By Mom For Good Measure

Photo: Twitter

This mom was a tad disappointed.

So what’s worse? Getting knocked out just four seconds into a fight or getting knocked out and then slapped by your mom? Well the latter is exactly what happened to featherweight Viktor Kichigin.

Kichigin was going one-on-one against Ruslan Yamanbaev at the Fight Nights Global 67 event in Russia, but things didn’t go well for Kichigin. Kichigin actually was defeated in the second-round by knockout, as Yamanbaev bloodies him up. But guess what? Kichigin’s mom was ringside, trying to pump her son up.

Just take a look.

And well, Kichigin’s mom wasn’t very happy with what went down because look at how she took care of her soon.

Damn, mom. That’s just rough.

And Kichigin wasn’t too happy that he lost the match, and that his mom treated him that way.

I just hope this mother and son relationship can improve before it turns into some sort of Bates Motel scenario.

h/t Bleacher Report

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