10 Best Drake Songs Ranked

5. The Motion ft. Sampha (Nothing Was the Same)

The flow gets devoured by the hungry Drake in this contrasting song that goes both silent and strong in the deep waters of the lyrics effortlessly. Drizzy shows that old-school storytelling rapping still has a numerous audience when it’s done the right way with proper rhymes and an identifiable topic. The minimalistic beat and the likewise vocals by Sampha make this unique track hauntingly beautiful.

4. Marvin’s Room (Take Care)

Surely one of the top Drake songs on anyone’s list, and it is a signature Drake track since he’s drunk calling his girlfriend, ranting about various things most guys will relate too. Probably the best rhyming in all of the songs by Drake, as the Canadian rapper melts with the flow and beat on this one. The very minimalistic, smooth, laid-back instrumental resulted in numerous artists making remixes of the track, but the original remains the best and a classic.

3. Hotline Bling (Views)

The ultimate Drake song in terms of cultural splash it created, and we don’t mean just the gifs and the memes, the count of YouTube views speaks for itself as it surpassed 1 billion. The truly chilled Caribbean feel is contrasted with Drake’s passionate, personal rapping and the deep, strong bass. Changing the flow is done effortlessly by the end and might be the best part of the song, giving Drake’s irrational complaints power through his singing.

2. One Dance ft. Wizkid & Kyla (Views)

One of the rare Drake new songs that became a global hit despite not being available on Youtube and not having a music video. Certainly the second biggest track of his last album Views, One Dance goes the road that Kanye West has paid and combines Afrobeat with a piano, with heavy influences of dancehall. As per usual, Drake deals with some heavy relatable topics but in a much more calmer, flowy tone.

1. Started From the Bottom (Nothing Was the Same)

The ultimate hype-up song in the era where hype-up get money songs are the norm and a necessity for every rapper’s CV. The most impressive part is that the hype isn’t produced by a catchy, powerful beat, it’s quite mellow with occasional hard bass drops, the success is a direct derivative of Drake’s intensity, rawness, and the realness. Even when the topic of the song is getting money, Drake manages to put genuine human relationships in the center of attention, and for that, he deserves recognition he’s getting.

What do you think about our best Drake songs list and which omitted songs would you include?

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