Woman Jumps Onto Hood Of Her Car To Stop Thieves From Stealing It

Photo: YouTube

That’s one brave lady.

Listen, I know some people love their car, but I don’t know if I’m risking my life to prevent someone from stealing my car. That is unless a dog was in that car than I’m going John Wick on everyone. But now let’s talk about a woman named Melissa Smith and what she did.

The 28-year-old was captured on security camera pumping gas at a BP gas station in Milwaukee, when all of a sudden two dudes drive up next to her. One guy jumps out of the car and attempts to steal Smith’s white Subaru SUV. Not on Smith’s watch!

Check out the video below to see Smith jump on the hood and slam her fist onto the windshield.

Talk about brass balls.

The car jacker clearly tries to get Smith off the car by breaking, but he eventually gives up, grabs Smith’s purse off the floor and jets. Smith is then forced to jump back into her moving vehicle to break it before it crashed.

“I realize as this was happening that, ‘Okay, I could be going for a ride and I better think of when I should be getting off”,” Smith said. “I realized my car was still moving. So I tried to stop it, but I obviously I couldn’t. So I had to hop in and I managed to stop it just before it hit a light post.”

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

While the suspects haven’t been caught, police who arrived on the scene fingerprinted Smith’s car. Oh, and the car that the thieves drove up in? Yeah, stolen, too.

“I think teens do it because they think it’s cool,” Smith said about car jacking. “But it’s just like you get told by your mom when you’re a kid, ‘If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?'”

Unfortunately some idiots would jump off that bridge. Here’s hoping those idiots are caught soon, and kudos to Smith, because she is one brave and lucky gal.

h/t Daily Mail

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