Chicago Cubs Star Hit Nothing But HRs On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Former Cubs star David Ross won a World Series championship roughly seven months ago. Tuesday he was on the verge of winning another championship on Dancing With The Stars.

Former Giants running back Rashad Jennings took the 2017 crown on the popular TV show last night, barely edging out Ross. But the recently retired Cubs catcher and fan favorite who was dubbed ‘Grandpa,’ was just as impressive.

Is he the best dancer? No. But he ain’t bad either. He made it all the way to the season finale after playing baseball his entire life. And if you’ve played or watched the sport, you know those guys aren’t always the most in-shape. In fact, Rossie would have been the first MLBer to win the show’s ‘championship.’

Here’s Ross with partner Lindsay Arnold. Their final dance was to “It Takes Two’ By Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, a Jock James favorite that was originally released in 1988.

You gotta love Rossy’s acting chops in the beginning.

It seems fairly obvious that Ross and the show milked Ross’ Cubs brand for all it was worth. And considering his dance moves to ‘votes’ ratio, you can’t argue it didn’t work.

I mean, Chicago loves him so much that they played one of his DWTS segments on the Wrigley Field jumbotron during a rain delay.

Jennings makes the ninth athlete in 24 ‘seasons’ to win DWTS. I hope to see Tim Duncan next season. By God that would be a sight. But we’re not holding our breath considering this.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

Photo: Getty