Guy Discovers Dude Is Pleasuring Himself In Public Bathroom While Trying To Play Footsie With Him

Photo: Facebook

Well this has to be your bizarre story of the day.

Listen, everyone enjoys…um…enjoying themselves from time to time, it’s totally normal. But it’s probably best that you keep doing that deed in the privacy of your own home, and not in a public bathroom where someone might Snapchat you and share it with the internet. Let us explain.

So a dude named Steven Lee decided he needed to use the restroom at a mall, but while in the stall the guy next to him decides to play footsie with him. And then it escalates as you can tell by the dude’s shadow.

Here’s what Steven said on Facebook:

So I was down in Southampton for a lovely show and trip away, and on the last day decided to visit a shopping centre for a little look around. Whilst there I feel the natural urge to pass a stool, so I braved the public ablutions.

Never again. I first noticed the man next to me by his foot tapping on the floor. Then it started to get closer until it rested on mine. Then I saw the shadow. THE FUCKING MAN WAS WANKING IN THE CUBICLE NEXT TO ME. 1 star. Would not recommend.

Check out the video below, and while the dude’s junk isn’t revealed, I would still label this as NSFW.

Well that was horrifying. And I highly doubt it’s fake because who would agree to have their face on camera after that stunt?

In conclusion, please keep your masturbation rituals at home.

h/t Dude Comedy

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