Nintendo Shares Have Sky-Rocketed, Surpassing Their ‘Pokemon Go’ Peak

Nintendo’s shares have sky rocketed as a result of the success of the Switch, reaching their highest point since 2008 and even surpassing the peak of Pokemon Go‘s popularity.

Shares in the company gained 3.2 per cent on Wednesday, reaching their highest closing level since 2008 at ¥‎31,880. This has ensured that the company have overtaken their previous peak back in July 2016, when the success of Pokemon Go‘s launch doubled their shares. However, shares soon dipped once it was learned that developers Niantic took home the majority of Pokemon Go‘s profits, and were not helped by the game’s dwindling player base as weeks went by.

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This time around Nintendo’s shares are progressing much more steadily, and while the Wii U’s troubles ensured that their shares didn’t experience a sharp rise immediately following the Switch’s launch, in the months since its release it has been performing much more favorably. As outlined in the below graph, the company’s current shares are considerably higher than they were from 2012 – 2015:


Image Credit: Google

They are also experiencing better growth than they were around the launch of the Wii, a console which eventually catapulted them to a high of ¥‎70,500. It remains to be seen whether or not the Switch will go on to emulate this success, but it is currently on course to at least rival the console:



The next big indicator of whether or not the Switch’s share success will continue is E3 2017, where they’ll unveil a selection of new games for the console. With the strategy RPG Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, a crossover game featuring characters from both the Mario and Rayman universes, having already been leaked this week, there has been much speculation about what other games Nintendo has on the horizon for its new console. A Smash Bros. port has been heavily rumored, which considering the mammoth success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe could also help continue the Switch’s good fortunes, while it has also been reported that a mobile The Legend of Zelda game could be on its way.

With the Switch having been sold out across a variety of both online and brick and mortar stores since its launch, Nintendo will he hoping that they can continue its incredible momentum into the future. Hopefully E3 2017 will indicate that they’re on course to do just that, and Switch owners will have plenty more games on the console in the coming months.