Exclusive ‘Outsiders’ Season 2 DVD Deleted Scene

Outsiders may be over, but there’s still time to Ged-GedYah!

Next week, Outsiders: Season 2 is heading to DVD, with a new box set that features all 13 episodes from the final season, as the Farrell clan faces challenges within and without in the battle for the Shay mountain. And if you’re looking for extras, you’ll be happy to hear that there are 29 deleted scenes on this set, including lost moments between Hasil and Sally-Ann, an expanded look at Sheriff Houghton’s investigations, and more.

CraveOnline is proud to present one of the deleted scenes from Outsiders season 2, which features a conversation between Big Foster and Lil Foster. This clip appears to take place late in the season, as Big Foster openly rebels against G’Win’s leadership before revealing something to his son that borders on the supernatural. “This Mountain is Strength,” and the battle will never truly be over for the Farrell clan.

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Outsiders season 2 DVD Cover

A struggle for power and control continues in the rugged hills of Appalachia as the battle between the clan and the town escalates with the Farrells becoming more isolated than ever before. The uneasy truce that had previously existed between the townspeople and the family tribe came to an abrupt end when Big Coal headed up the mountain and the standoff continues to have repercussions, putting everyone to the test as they’re forced to face new challenges and enemies.

The Outsiders season 2 DVD will be released on Tuesday, May 23. And for a limited time only, both seasons of Outsiders will also be available together in a single set with 47 deleted scenes from across two seasons.

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Photo Credits: Sony Pictures TV