6 Boozy Frozen Treats to Try This Summer

Photo: Elena Veselova, Getty Images.

Hot weather is on its way. The most delicious ways to cool down are cocktails and frozen treats. But why should you have to choose between them? Many venues throughout the country are combining the two for boozy novelties that will help you chill out this summer. Sample these intoxicating treats until the heat abates.

Soju Melon Ice Cream

Photo: Seoul Taco.

Photo: Seoul Taco.

Korean-Mexican fast-casual spot Seoul Taco in St. Louis, Missouri, has teamed up with small-batch ice cream maker Clementine’s Creamery to create Soju Melon Ice Cream. The honeydew melon-flavored ice cream is infused with soju, a distilled, vodka-like Korean spirit made from rice. Buy the ice cream buy the pint or the scoop for a limited time. And pace yourself! Soju’s ABV ranges from 16.8% to 53%.

Otter Shots

Photo: Small Batch.

Photo: Small Batch.

Remember Otter Pops? They’re a brand of freezies (fruit-flavored liquid frozen in a plastic casing) you may have tried as a kid. Small Batch in Playa del Rey, California, is bringing them back, but in adults-only form, as Otter Shots. Choose from three quirky flavors: grapefruit gin and tonic; El Chapo (based on Playa Provisions’ spicy pomegranate tequila cocktail), and Rosé the Riveter, a riff on the rosemary syrup and sparkling rosé cocktail of the same name.

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Jove T’s Pops

Photo: Cindys.

Photo: Cindy’s.

Last summer, Executive Pastry Chef Hubbard sold his signature Jove T’s Pops on the street level of Michigan Avenue; this year, diners can enjoy them exclusively on the terrace at Cindy’s in Chicago. The frozen treats mimic the venue’s dining room dessert menu and are available with or without a spirited dash of booze.


Photo: Shuck Shack.

Photo: Shuck Shack.

The seafood joint Shuck Shack in San Antonio, Texas, is known for its Limonade cocktail, a spiked lemonade drink created by Chef Jason Dady. For an extra dose of chill, they’ve combined Deep Eddy lemonade and Topo Chico sparkling water with a locally-made lime paleta. Because even popsicles like to take a dip in the summer!

Snow Cone

Chicago’s Arbella reinvents the classic snow cone as a chilled slushy made with vodka, pisco, and sake. The triple whammy treat is made to order and frozen with liquid nitrogen. In lieu of traditional snow cone syrup, the bar provides a pipette filled with the guests’ choice of a Red Bull Limited Edition syrup. With all that buzz running through your veins, consider this frozen treat the beginning of the evening rather than the happy ending.


“Boozicle” just might be the most clever name ever for an alcoholic popsicle. Credit is due to the culinary team at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar in downtown Minneapolis for that one. Their frozen cocktail-on-a-stick was inspired by sparkling wine and fruity wine coolers. Flavors include peach, strawberry, and mixed berry; each is topped with a can of  Sofia Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine. Lick responsibly!