Video Shows Cop Shoot Guy Who Charged At Him With Semi-Automatic Rifle

Photo: YouTube

We seen some pretty crazy videos involving cops recently. There was that cop that was dragged by a car, and then there was the cop that was attacked by a goose. And now we have yet another crazy video involving a cop, and this one is just as bizarre.

Deputy Brad Proux of Douglas County noticed there was an SUV stopped on the roadside and decided to stop to see if the person needed any help.  Proux was approaching the SUV when out of nowhere a man attacks him with a semi-automatic rifle, forcing Proux to shoot — with the man getting shot in the arm. That man? 25-year-old Devon Marcus Rivas-Maestas.

Let’s first check out the crazy footage from Proux’s body camera:

Well that was freaking random, as even investigators have no clue as to why Rivas-Maestas got out of the SUV with a rifle and no clue why he attacked Proux. Hell, they don’t even know why Rivas-Maestas was on the road side. You can even notice in the video that Rivas-Maestas apologizes after the attack, which just makes this even that more bizarre.

Proux was able to hold Rivas-Maestas at gunpoint for four minutes before backup arrived.


“This incident occurred very, very quickly,” Douglas County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Steven Johnson said. “I speak for every law enforcement officer: When you hear ‘Shots fired. Shots fired,’ it’s the worst thing that can happen.”

Rivas-Maestas underwent surgery for his arm before being released from the hospital. He has now been charged with first-degree assault of a peace officer. Proux was not injured during the incident.

h/t Denver Post

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