This Cyclist Somehow Survived Getting Hammered By A Police Car

Photo: Twitter

Crossing the street on foot or a bicycle is always a tad more dangerous when you don’t do it in a crosswalk at the very moment when you’re instructed to do so.

And we get why human beings don’t wait to put themselves in that position. I mean, most of the time, you have be thinking something to the effect of, “What’s that worst that could possibly happen?”

Well, this:

Yeah, that dude lived.

The officer behind the wheel of the NYPD squad car was reportedly traveling at such a high speed because he was responding to a domestic dispute call, but you could definitely make the argument that that speed was unsafe, especially given the fact that he was on a street in Brooklyn.

However, it’s hard to blame anybody but the dude on the bike. I mean, throw out the fact that he crossed the street at pretty much the most dangerous spot possible. I just want to know how in the hell he missed both the flashing lights and the loud sirens of the rapidly approaching police car.

h/t Barstool Sports

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