Witness The Undisputed Best Nerf Gun Shot Of All Time

Photo: YouTube

There are people in this world capable of amazing feats. Some have the ability to walk down a busy freeway and not get obliterated by passing motorists. Others set world skydiving records at 101 years of age. And yet, comical and impractical as those accomplishments are, respectively, it’s men like the following Nerf gun aficionado who capture our attention the most.

The Best Nerf Gun Shot Of All Time

The guy who made this now legendary shot has got to be breathing a sigh of relief. Not only did he pull off a stunt that he likely couldn’t make again in a million years, but the shot hit so perfectly that the only reaction was laughter. Had it hit her in the eye, we’d be looking at a much different video. And then we’d feel really bad because we just said “looking at a much different video” about the lady who just had her vision permanently impaired by a Nerf gun. Thank god this is the internet, where consequences only matter to the people in the videos, and all we have to do is laugh regardless.

h/t Ruin My Week

We already said this shot could never be accomplished again, but you can’t blame a guy for trying: Man Shoots Wife Every Day With Nerf Guns To Predictable Results