Woman Drags Cop With Car, Leads Police On Chase That Reaches 100 MPH

Photo: LiveLeak

Either this woman really needed to use the bathroom, or she really didn’t wanna talk to cops.

Listen, cops don’t wanna chase you, since the majority of them aren’t in the best of shape. And that’s why they were so pissed that this woman led them on a chase that they tackled the hell out of her. But a woman named Mariah Czappa had no intention of having any interaction with cops, as she decided to escape by dragging a cop with her car instead.

The incident occurred in Wisconsin, and kicked off when 18-year-old Czappa and another man were pulled over by police. The male driver gets out of the car to talk to the officer, but that gives Czappa the chance to hop into the driver’s seat and speed away, dragging the cop with her.

Check out the video thanks to LiveLeak.

Czappa hit a fire hydrant, which allowed the cop to free himself, and the chase began. The chase reached speeds of 100 mph, and was finally put to an end when Czappa spun out of control and ended up in a ditch.

The cop that was dragged was OK, but Czappa was evaluated at Aspirus Riverview Hospital and released to the Nekoosa Police Department.

girl rags cop

Czappa was arrested on suspicion of fleeing an officer, first-degree recklessly endangering safety, felony and misdemeanor bail jumping, methamphetamine possession and drugged driving. Man, she certainly was busy.

Czappa was free on a $500 cash bond for a previous charge of burglary. So Czappa is just another winner.

Via Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

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