Worker Saves Suicidal Woman Moments Before Train Comes Through

Photo: YouTube

While this firefighter dropkicked a girl to prevent her from killing herself, and this firefighter walked across a tiny ledge in order to save a suicidal woman, a railway worker in China also put his own life at risk in order to save a woman who was hellbent on ending her own life, while other early morning commuters watched in horror.

The incident was caught on video, as it shows the railway worker grabbing the woman who had just started running towards the train tracks just as the train comes passing through. Take a look at the crazy video below that occurred in Putian.

Worker Saves Suicidal Woman Moments Before Train Comes Through

Hell, that worker even saved her legs from being crushed. According to People’s Daily Online, the railway worker suffered an injury to his head during the rescue attempt. But aside from that, everyone is alive and well, and hopefully that girl, who was revealed to be a college student, gets the help that she needs.

So that’s some good news to take into your weekend.

h/t Daily Mail

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