Watching A Man Dive Into 1000 Mousetraps In Slow-Motion Is Oddly Satisfying

Photo: YouTube / The Slow Mo Guys

Would it have killed them to dress up in giant mouse suits?

No, we’re actually asking. They’re mouse traps, therefore, wouldn’t it stand to reason that if dressed as a mouse, over 1000 of them would physically leave you deceased?

But that’s a question for another day. It’s really not the point anyways, as the following video featuring YouTube’s The Slow Mo Guys Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy has nothing to do with mice. It’s more about watching hundreds (to the point of thousand) go off at the same time at…whatever the opposite of breakneck speed is.

1000 Mousetraps Go Off In 4K Slow Motion

It’s another “not really the point” question, but do you think it was more than just these two guys setting up mousetraps? Sure, it only shows the two of them doing it, but over 1000 mousetraps in one day with at least one instance of them all going off prematurely seems like it would take more than the time sunlight allows. But then again, maybe we’re still just bummed about no one being dressed in a mouse costume.

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