And Here We Have A Golfer Killing A Duck With His Tee Shot

Photo: Instagram

Noooooo. He has to play the ball as it lies. I had to hit it off Frankenstein’s fat foot, remember? Those are the rules.

Ryan Gray is a better golfer than anybody reading this post. Since graduating from the Golf Academy of America in 2005, Gray has worked as the head golf professional at places like Honeybrook Golf Club, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando and The Country Club of Orlando, where he is currently teaching rich white people how to shave some strokes off their golf game.

Yet just like the rest of us pig shit awful golfers, it seems as though Gray runs into a bit of bad luck from time to time, and his most recent puke moment came on the 18th tee box at TPC Sawgrass, as he channeled his inner Randy Johnson and killed a duck that apparently had zero friends with his drive.

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If you give it another watch, you’ll see that Gray’s ball eventually found the drink, just like the dead duck. Not sure how you’re supposed to score that one, but our guess is that you just draw a big dick sandwich on your scorecard before handing it in.

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