Donald Glover Will Star in ‘Deadpool’ Animated Series For FXX

Donald Glover may not be Spider-Man anymore, but he is Deadpool! In a surprise announcement, Marvel TV and FXX have revealed that Glover will be stepping into the role of the Merc With a Mouth in a brand new adult animated series.

Via USA Today, Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen Glover will be writing and producing the Deadpool animated series, which will make its debut on FXX in 2018. The first season will be ten episodes long, and it is expected to be a companion series to the long-running animated spy comedy, Archer. Glover is no stranger to the Marvel Universe, since he previously voiced Miles Morales/Spider-Man for the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and expressed his willingness to play Peter Parker on the big screen. Somehow, we doubt he’ll get the same backlash for this role as he did for Peter Parker.

“How much more fun could this be? Deadpool, Donald and FX – the perfect fit for the Merc with the Mouth,” exclaimed Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb. “We’re thrilled that our relationship with FX that started with Legion continues with what is sure to be a groundbreaking show in adult animation.”

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It’s unclear which Marvel characters the Deadpool animated series will have access to, but it seems likely that Domino, Cable, and the characters featured in the first Deadpool movie will be fair game. The really interesting thing will be if Marvel allows the Glover brothers to use the bigger X-Men icons or even Marvel heroes outside of Fox like Spider-Man and the Avengers. It’s not impossible, since Deadpool has appeared in other animated series before. And we’d definitely like to see this show expand his reach!

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Photo Credit: Marvel