Video Shows A Guy Quickly Killing Rattlesnake With His Bare Hands (Graphic)

Coiled Rattlesnake. Photo: HRossD (Getty).


Let me be clear from the onset that I’m not for seeking out animals in their natural habitats and killing them for no reason. If you’re doing that kind of thing, you and I have different priorities.

But I guess if you’re out for a hike and you come across something as dangerous as a rattlesnake, it’s good to know there’s a way to protect yourself.

Guy Quickly Killing Rattlesnake With His Bare Hands

In a video published on YouTube by Hazard Zone TV, Neil Hunt demonstrates how to end a rattlesnake quickly and instantly. What’s more, he does so with his bare hands.

As Hunt describes in the video, all you have to do is “whip it like a towel.” The force evidently breaks the animal’s neck to the point of instantaneous death for the snake. “Done for,” as he says.

The description in the video says that Hunt is demonstrating the “ethical way” to kill the snake. Obviously, there’s some debate that can go down between snake hunters and animal activists about the meaning of the word ethical, but this article isn’t meant to be 50,000 words. Either way, if I ever find myself crossing paths with a rattlesnake, I’m heading right back the way I came because I’m not trying to find out if I can make a towel out of a venomous predator.


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