Watch the First Teaser For Fox’s ‘The Gifted’

Did you know that Magneto has more than one daughter? Until recent continuity changes, Magneto’s primary children were Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. But Magneto is also the father of Polaris, a young woman who can also control metal with her mind. She was conspicuously absent from Bryan Singer’s X-Men films, but Polaris will be among the handful of X-Men appear in Fox’s new series, The Gifted.  Singer directed the pilot episode of The Gifted, and recently released a photo of actress Emma Dumont as Polaris, and she seems to be in a bit of trouble.

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In The Gifted, Polaris, Blink (Jamie Chung), Thunderbird (Blair Redford) are part of an underground mutant resistance movement. But the show isn’t really about them at all. Instead, the focus is on Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes), two young mutants who are coming into their super powers. And in Fox’s first teaser for the series, neither sibling is quite prepared for the consequences of their actions when the government comes for them.

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Former True Blood star Stephen Moyer and Person of Interest veteran Amy Acker are headlining The Gifted as  Reed and Caitlin Strucker, the parents of Andy and Lauren who find themselves siding with the mutant underground in order to protect their children and survive. The series has been picked up by Fox, and it may debut as soon as next fall. The official announcement will be made later this month at the Fox upfronts.

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Photo Credit: Marvel TV/Fox