Charging Bear Nearly Eats Mountain Bikers Alive

If your’e going to mountain bike, avoid Slovakia.

A couple of mountain bikers were traversing through the terrain of ‘bike park’ in the central European country when a bear came out of nowhere and tried to have them as an appetizer.

When the bear enters frame, you’ll hear the POV mountain biker yell ahead to his friend who’s about to be eaten alive. “Watch out! Stop! Stop!” is how one Slovakian translated the shouts, according to GrindTV.

Two things here:

First, why in the world do you stop on the trail just yards away from where the bear was about to devour you? Considering some bears can run up to 25-35 miles per hour, I would be hauling a** down that mountain faster than you could say Winnie The Pooh.

Second, we’ve seen an incredibly realistic video like this before and it ended up being fake.

So, what say you?

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.