Owlman Continues To Seriously Creep Us Out With Office Prank

Photo: YouTube

Like most of you, I am able to think clearly about all the things characters are doing wrong in scary movies. For example, running into an elevator and waiting for the door to close, or trapping themselves in a bathroom. That’s because when we are watching horror flicks, we know we are safe and our brains can process information like they are supposed to. But if you have ever had an instance of true horror in your life, you understand that fear makes you stupid. When your lizard brain kicks in, you start doing irrational things like throwing a Swiffer at a guy dressed in an owl costume.

The reactions from these hidden camera pranks seem authentic, yet over-the-top. I mean, if you watched a movie and the characters had these reactions, you’d be like, “Way to chew scenery there, Brando!” Or perhaps something like, “Jim Carrey’s acting is subtle compared to this.”

But talk is cheap. Check out the latest Owlman prank and judge for yourself:

Owlman Is Seriously Creepy

Part of me is afraid for the prank victims, but at the same time hopes none of them has a gun. Because if I had a gun and an Owlman stalking after me, I would 100 percent shoot it in the face. And I don’t have the money to hire a fancy lawyer to tell me if that is murder or self-defense. Regardless, just know one of these scare-prank people is going to get shot at some point in the future and I’m going to be watching the trial.

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