Qantas Airlines CEO Takes Pie To The Face While Giving Speech In Australia

Photo: YouTube

Man, has it been a brutal month or so for airline CEOs or what?

According to Business Insider, the CEO of Qantas Airlines was about give a speech at a leadership conference in Perth, Australia Tuesday afternoon when a man appeared from behind the stage, threw what appeared to be a delicious lemon meringue pie in his face and then exited stage left.

To his credit, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce played it off like a boss by taking just a few minutes to clean up backstage before returning to the podium with a few jokes.

“If there are any more pies, can you please get them out of the way now?” Joyce said.

Afterward, Joyce was still all smiles when talking to the press.

“When you’ve been the CEO at an airline for nine years there’s a lot of things that happen over that period of time, this is different, but it’s not unusual,” Joyce said.

As for the “adult” who pied Joyce in the face, he was later apprehended by police and held for questioning. The fact that he appears to be in his sixties might be the most amusing part of the story.

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