This Petition Wants Sydney Swans To Stop Playing Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’

A new petition is calling on the Sydney Swans AFL club to stop playing Neil Diamond‘s hit song ‘Sweet Caroline’ at their home games.

The petition, created yesterday by user Peter Scobie, is already gaining support from Swans fans and members of the local music industry.

“Currently the SCG [Sydney Cricket Ground] plays Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ during quarter time. It has nothing to do the with the club, Aussie Rules or Australia,” Scobie says.

“The playing of ‘Sweet Caroline’ has become a fixture at many sporting events in the United States. There are many great things about American culture but there is no need to Americanise Swans’ games. Organisers should find a more relevant song that can still add to the game day experience.”

Aussie hip hop artist Urthboy has already voiced his support for the petition, taking to Twitter to say, “Sorry Sydney Swans but I’m with this petition. Let’s get a classic Sydney song to unite the audience.”

Meanwhile, some Swans fans are also showing their support:

sydney swans petition screenshot 1

That said, others aren’t so supportive:

Scobie’s petition has just over 200 supporters at the time of writing. To read or sign the petition, head here.

Crave Australia has contacted Sydney Swans for comment.

UPDATE: In a statement to Crave Australia, Sydney Swans says:

“We’re aware of the petition and the views of some fans, however ‘Sweet Caroline’ is a fan favourite for many others. Where timing permits it will remain part of our home games for the rest of the year and, as we do each year, it will be reviewed in line with all match-day elements ahead of next season.”