Guy Knocks Out Bat-Wielding Lunatic, Chokes Another In Road Rage Video

Photo: YouTube

You may notice when you’re driving that not everyone operates a vehicle as well as you do. There are a ton of people out there whose scores on their driving exams were just barely passing from a legal standpoint.

As you’ve probably experienced, people do some really stupid shit behind the wheel, leaving you with immeasurable frustration, clinched fists, and endless questions about the integrity of driving instructors around the world. Depending on how you deal with the stress caused by stupid drivers, this may or may not lead to a bout of road rage. If it does, let’s hope you don’t end up like the two guys who decided to take theirs out on the wrong guy.

Guy Knocks Out Bat-Wielding Road Ragers

In a dashcam video shot recently in an unknown town of the United Kingdom, an incident blew up when a man got tired of waiting behind a stopped car. He honked his horn, which prompted one of the occupants of the front car to get out, grab a bat and smack the front end of the honking driver’s car.

What happened next in this epic road rage video was something no one saw coming, especially the guy with the bat.

A right cross later, and bat boy not only lost his weapon, but also the connection with his nervous system because was knocked out cold, landing in the bushes to the side of the road. The knocked out guy’s buddy tried defending his honor by going in for an attack of his own, but his sorry excuse for a wrestling takedown was quickly thwarted when he was met with a reversal and rear-naked choke. Moments later, he was out cold, too.

The couple who owns the dashcam footage can be heard trying to call the police. Who the should have called was the matchmakers at UFC, because this guy has potential. As for the unknown winner of the fight, he got right back in his car and drove away.

Here’s the moral of the story, kids: don’t start fights with random people in the street because they may be the middleweight road rage champion of the world. You’ll get humbled real quick.

h/t Metro U.K.

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