Enjoy “Napercise” at the Gym of Your Dreams

Photo: André R. Maciel, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In a world of constant stimulation that only adds to the stresses of modern life, many of us around going without the necessary sleep we need for optimal health. Now, David Lloyd Clubs in the UK is introducing the world’s very first “Napercise” class in its East London facility.

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Dubbed “The 40 Winks Workout,” the class is marketed towards parents with young children who are losing sleep trying to keep everything running on all cylinders. The class, which started trial sessions at the end of April, was sold out—not surprising when you consider how many people would love any reason to catch some much-needed shut eye.

Upon arrival, attendees will be invited to choose a single bed, where they can indulge in a 45-minute nap in a room filled with atmospheric sounds. In addition to this, the studio temperature is dropped to a level that will promote calorie burning during sleep.

The “Napercise” class was developed as a result of research done by the David Lloyd Clubs that discovered 86% of parents suffered from fatigue, with 26% getting less that five hours of sleep at night. Stress and anxiety was the greatest cause, with 43% of people unable to quiet their mind when their bodies need it most. An additional 26% were kept up by babies and children, and the remaining 17% were simply stuck working long hours that prevented them from getting the lack of sleep they need.

Sleep deprivation has long been reported to have adverse short and long term effects, including aching muscles, memory loss, depression, hallucinations, headaches, increased blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes and fibromyalgia, obesity, seizures, and mania.

Getting the sleep one needs can radically improve physical, mental, and emotional health, as sleep is the time when the body goes to work repairing the damages we suffer while awake. Naps are a great way to get much-needed rest, and for people burdened by the strains of domestic life, a gym is the perfect sanctuary.

David Lloyd Clubs is considering rolling out “Napercise” out across the UK, pending the success of their trial sessions. Needless to say, it’s an idea whose time has come.

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