Grown Man With Glove Steals Foul Ball From Little Kid

Photo: Twitter

“Too slow, kid!”

I’m still baffled that grown men decide to take their gloves to baseball games in hopes of catching a five cent baseball. These dudes actually show up in public with their gloves and eagerly wait for a ball, when everyone should know that this is a kid’s game and all those foul balls should go to kids. Well, don’t say that to the sad sap below who went all out to steal a foul ball from a little kid.

This happened at the Louisville Bats-Toledo Mud Hens — a minor league baseball game that probably had a total of 13 fans in the stands. Check out the video below.

Where was that kid’s father? And why didn’t he dropkick that guy? And how in the hell is that dude able to go back to his seat and feel proud of himself? Well, the crowd let him have it, and apparently it became a tad too much for this dude.

Yes, only after the crowd boo’d him did this guy do the right thing. I wonder if another foul ball came his way and I wonder if he knocked a kid out to get it.

h/t Busted Coverage

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