An Idiot Tied Rope To His Testicles And Accidentally Ripped Them Out

“Man protecting his ballbag scrotum.” Photo: wakila (Getty).

It’s not everyday that you see a dude tie some kind of rope or bungee cord to his beanbag, run along a set of bleachers and then make a leap of faith. There’s a good reason behind it.

That reason? You guessed it: There’s a really good chance that you’re going to rip your testicles out of your sack.

Let’s take a look at this dipshit and find out if that was indeed the case (it was):

Idiot Tied Rope To Nuts And Ripped Testicles Out

Yup, goodbye scrotum.

To be honest, the end result of this was probably what’s best for the planet, as we don’t need this guy fathering multiple children. I mean, even after he had his rocks yanked out of place and doctors asked him if he was trying to commit suicide, this dude still didn’t get it.

No word as to what’s next in store for him, but based on the direction we’re going in this country, expect to see him win “Scoutmaster of the Year” or some shit within the next five years.

h/t Dude Comedy

You see, the reason why this is funny is because it’s just a prank. He didn’t really get his balls stuck in the spokes, guys: This ‘Nuts Stuck In A Bike Prank’ is Painfully Hilarious (NSFW Language)